Our Story

A British brand that focuses on season-less design and high quality fabric. 

MISSING was founded by husband and wife team Paul and Deborah Missing with the aim of creating high-quality clothing that celebrates British tailoring and craftsmanship in new and modern forms.  

The collection of nine tailored pieces takes key elements from design classics that have been adapted for modern life. 

Clothing designed to live in.

Our Ethos

Exceptional quality of materials and responsible practices are central to the brands ethos.

The entire collection is made in London, and all of the materials and the components we use are sourced from the British Isles.

As born and bred Londoners we always wanted to make our garments locally, to see where they were being made and importantly to get to know the people that are cutting and sewing our designs.

We have built strong relationships with our expert makers visiting them frequently while minimising the carbon footprint.

We strongly believe in a wardrobe that transcends seasons. With an emphasis on craftsmanship our aim is to design high quality products with longevity in mind. All of our styles are produced in limited numbers or made to order. 


The beautiful, bespoke linens we use for our garments are woven especially for us by a small family run mill in Ireland. We feel very fortunate to work face to face with the craftsmen that have been weaving fabrics using the highest quality yarns for generations to create the unique colours and textures. 

Linen is not just a luxurious looking fabric, it is one of the most sustainable fabrics available. Made from flax, a fibre renowned for its ecological and regenerative qualities; it only requires rainwater to grow and enriches the soil that it is grown in with no need for fertilisers and polluting additives. It is a zero waste fibre with every part of the plant used in its life cycle and once cropped flax farming leaves the earth enriched and naturally fertilised. 


The buttons on our garments are made of trocas shell. A naturally sustainable eco-friendly product that is grown responsibly from marine molluscs. The shells are often discarded during the the food production process and are completely biodegradable. 


Our embossed mailing bags and swing tags are 100% recyclable and made in the UK. 

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