We believe in the preservation of British craftsmanship. 

All of our pieces are a celebration of collaboration, handcrafted in small batches in London with locally sourced fabrics and components. Each piece takes up to six months to create, purely within the British Isles. 

No big production lines. No internationally sourced fabrics. No cheap and unethical labour practices.

Designed to live in and crafted to last. 

Follow the journey of a MISSING garment…


We begin in North London, where the design team (Debbie and Paul) conjures up the finest pieces, meticulously considered from every angle. 

Our designs take inspiration from our lives spent working in the fashion and art worlds.  As a result, we know a thing or two about cuts, colours and fabrics.

We take our patterns and fabric components to our manufacturer in North London, a third generation family run business that excels in luxury tailoring. Working with this manufacturer in London means not only are we working with the best, but being down the road allows us to be involved with the making of each piece every step of the way.


Ireland has been producing the highest quality linen for centuries, but it’s something of a hidden gem. Irish linen has a denser weave and fewer slubs making it the most refined version of the fabric. 

Our linen comes over from Southern Ireland. All MISSING linens are woven from yarn dyed thread (nothing is garment dyed), which takes up to three months to weave. Two different colour yarns are woven together, which gives our linen the distinctive hues. The iridescent two-tone effect that subtly changes colour in different light or with movement.

Dying the yarn involves a longer process than cheaper linen fabric, where it is the rolls of woven cloth that is dyed. The finish of yarn dyed linen gives a lovely soft wash – so the cloth will not shrink, if it’s looked after properly.

Linen is a fabric that works with nature. From field to fabric, here’s how it goes…

  • We purchase the raw flax from Northern France – Belgium, known for producing the finest flax in the world.
  • This is spun into yarn in Poland.
  • Yarn goes to Northern Ireland for dyeing.
  • Yarn goes to Southern Ireland for weaving.
  • Fabric returned to Northern Ireland for finishing.
  • Then it’s sent to MISSING for production.



Our buttons are made of Trocas shell. What makes most shell buttons special is their pearly finish and depth of colour. We love the fact that no two are identical – some are shiny, some are dotted and some have coloured undertones.

These buttons are made for us in Nottingham by a family business that has been making buttons for almost 120 years.

Buttons usually have two or four holes, but our signature ‘M’ button is created by using a six hole setting on the machine – something our suppliers had not used for over 20 years.

Labels are hand stitched into each garment and edge binding is all hand finished for durability, quality and longevity. 


Our swing tags are printed and embossed for us in Nottingham as well.

The eco-friendly paper we use for our swing tags has been engineered using an innovative process, based on the starch contained in potato peelings – it offers a unique silk sand-like feel to the touch and amazing bold colours like our MISSING blue.

Once everything is put together, the garments come back to our studio in Stoke Newington ready for your orders and to start being lived in.



Thanks to direct contact and an incredible trust with each of our suppliers, every MISSING piece is completely traceable, all the way back to the very essence of the weave. 

Reaching out to remote rural areas and establishing bonds with these incredible people means they are not only bringing our visions to life, but they are also sustaining the magic of British craftsmanship and local legacies.


Looking to try before you buy? Order a swatch.

Sometimes a screen won’t be able to do us justice. So to help we have introduced new swatches to order from £5 on selected styles, allowing you to view the colour, weave and feel at home before you choose.

Order a swatch by emailing us at: [email protected]

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